Initiatory Massage and Quantum Body Therapy

It helps you reconnect with your inner self (inner child also), heal your old wounds recorded in your cells and reprogramm your body consciousness through a massage in a state of full awareness and deep connection with the Whole.

Tools: oil or talc massage, energetic cleansing, induction (a sort of guided hypnosis), toning (healing sounds), cards' draw.


Session of  2 hours - 110€

5-sessions-card - 500€

Head massage

This massage does not only apply to the head and face, but also to the back, shoulders, arms and even to the hands. The person can recieve it in a sitting or lying position.

This massage can be given in the office as well.


Session of 30 or 60 minutes - 30/50€

Baby massage

The aim is to help parents to trust themselves in the practice of this natural act of tenderness and love...
1 to 5 sessions of +/- 1 hour as needed (at your place)
Newborns - 18 months


65€/session - 300€ for 5 sessions