Touching the soul through the body

Meeting with our higher Self:

awakening and heart-opening path helping to heal the deep wounds of the

soul through massage and energetic harmonization.

A subtle dialogue with the memories recorded by our body 

at different levels of consciousness.



'As above, so below' - The Emerald Tablet - Trismegistus


"Know thyself" – Temple of Delphi

I have had the chance to be born in the Hungarian minority of Transylvania (Romania), during a dictatorship and then, to have lived in several liberal countries of Europe, so that opened up pretty much my horizons. I was always very much interested about human nature, different cultures, mentalities, habits, behavioral patterns, wounds of the soul and asked myself about their roots and causes, as well as about the possibilities we, Humans have to change, to evolve, to heal and to live a (more) accomplished and happy(ier) life.


I am fundamentally a pragmatic and practical person who has always loved mathematics and logics, so even if I studied Applied Foreign Languages, I remained focused on finance and administration, domains in which I have been working since I finished my studies until recently.

Besides, I was trying to find the answers to my questions, the sense of Life, why and how did I arrive where I am, where am I heading to. One of the spiritual groups helping me with that a lot is the Rosicrucian Order (AMORC for those who are interested :)).


Then in 2015, by one of those huge 'coincidences' of Life, I heard about Philippe Mouchet and his therapeutic massage training. During this magnificent and life-changing journey of 5 years, I got to know myself much better and I definitely got committed to serving Life.


I also learned to much better listen to my inner Self, my intuition and my heart instead of trying to control things by my mind and saying 'amen' to my ego's and society's whims.

Many many people (I often call them angels), books, events and experiences influenced, inspired and helped me through my path, they still do, and I am deeply grateful to the Universe for all of them and everything… 😇🙏



  • Initiatory Massage teacher training - 1 year

  • Initiatory Massage and Quantum Body Therapy - 4 years

            (Philippe Mouchet -

  • MISP : Massage in School Program (MISA International)

  • Baby Massage (Espace de Ressourcement, Liège)

  • Head and hand massage (Centre Prana, Ittre)


Ongoing studies:  

  • Structural astrology - Didier Fleuri, José Sol Roland, Louise Aubert - 4th year (Work of Christian Duchaussoy) - a very powerful psychological and evolutionary tool -